*       Rental Services for Landlords (A+ Realty Processing)

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     View Property


         Take Pictures and obtain key to property (secure lockbox)
    Video for Listing & Property Preservation
         Burn DVD for owner


     Advertise Property for Rent


         Reverse Link with Orlando Sentinel (Classified Ads)
         Craigslist, Orlando Backpage Apartments
         MLS – Orlando Regional Realtors Association
         (Optional for cooperating with other brokers)
         The Housing Network


    Show property to prospective tenants


    * Review and screen applications

         Pull Credit File
         Pull Criminal Background Check
         Check for prior evictions



    Submit applications to owner for review and approval


    Once Approval is Obtained
           Prepare Attorney Prepared Lease Agreement


    Have tenant execute contracts


    Deliver executed contracts

          via FedEx delivery to Landlord/Owner
         In person (If local)
         Provide landlord/owner with DVD of unit

    Questions? Need Answers? 
    Contact Thayer Fairing on his cell phone at 407-702-5243 for more information.
    Thayer and Debbie are proud owners of ten (10) units within one of the local condominiums!  Let us help you preserve your investment by screening your tenants and renting to someone who has earned a good credit standing, has good references, has income to support the rental payments, and is in good standing with the community he/she lives in. 
    Call me for more details about our proven success!

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